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The fact is that addiction is not limited to substance abuse and lack of capability of the addict to control drug use is one of the symptoms of addiction disease. Addiction is a multi-faceted disease and is beyond a physical illness. Addiction is a physical, emotional, mental, behavioral and spiritual disease.

In this section, you read: what is addiction? addiction assessment test,  features of addiction and addiction reasons


The treatment model of the center – It is a collaborative group recovery program for addiction problem and its mental, spiritual, emotional and intellectual side effects with the use of peer groups applying 12-step philosophy and the mechanism of semi-family groups which addresses restructuring false character of the addict through teaching principals and skills of personal and social life. This locally tailor-made model is classified within non-medication treatment models taking place by abstaining from consuming any drugs.


Addiction is a family disease, so there should be family recovery.

The center educational programs for families are provided with using 52 addiction-related items and the correct way to behave with patients based on a 52-week year.

To view educational table and the objectives of the program, please see “family page”.

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